6 Totally hot sex scenes starring Asian celebs

Exotic and wild sex scenes with the hottest famous Asian actresses. From the busty Sara Malakul Lane to Mai Duong Kieu and Bai Ling… I think we’ve got the Asian fever!

It’s about damn time someone highlights some of the most horny and sexiest nude sex scenes starring the most beautiful exotic asian actresses! It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it…

Let’s dive right in! Hop on the exotic and kinky (celebrity) train ride…

Rinko Kikuchi having sex on a train ride

Ever had a wild fantasy about having hot and steaming sex on a train ride? Well, the best scene from Map of the Sounds of Tokyo, shows you just that. In this horny scene actress Rinko Kikuchi gets in a naughty mood as she strips naked for some kinky action… including getting her pussy eaten on the moving train. In case you ever had that fantasy of fucking on a train, this scene might help you a lot to visualize that fantasy even more. 😉

She enjoys getting her asian pussy licked a lot…

Mai Duong Kieu fucking a lot in the movie “Bad Banks”

The beautiful Mai Duong Kieu and her sexy breasts…

In case you’ve never heard of the 2018 movie Bad Banks, you’re in for a treat. This asian beauty from Germany adds a lot of eye candy to the movie, especially by flaunting her delicious tits pretty often. Besides going topless Mai Duong has some great sex in this flick as well. From masturbating, riding cock on top (cowgirl style) to getting banged doggystyle roughly. She does it all! 🙂

Masturbating while taking a selfie… kinky stuff!
One more selfie for on the road…
Mai Duong is a true cowgirl!
Rough doggystle banging in the kitchen!

Kimiko Glenn; lesbians eating pussy in jail

We’ve already wrote a full blog post on this entire scene, simply because it’s one of the hottest the Netflix show Orange is The New Black has to offer. So, we’re not goint into full details again, but all I can say is; things are getting really hot in an all female jail. The beautiful petite cute asian Kimiko Glenn even turned lesbian after spending a few months in prison.

Watching her getting her pussy eaten and seeing her cum, is a pretty horn sight.

She’s cummin’…
Who wouldn’t want to eat her pussy?

This and a lot more topless tits and lesbian fun on the hit show; Orange is the New Black.

Bai Ling’s huge hard nipples

Bai Ling’s huge freaky nipples are damn sexy…

Bai Ling might not be the youngest asian celeb babe on our list, but thanks to her freaky big sexy nipples she sure as hell deserves a spot. We’ve could have picked pretty much any movie or scene in which the horny Bai Ling goes nude, since they all are pretty much a horny thing to watch (thanks to those big nipples)…

But if we’ve got to pick just one; Ready for Bai Ling’s boobs and nipples from Gene Generation?

Ever seen nipples this size?
Great tits and great nips 🙂
Bai Ling fucking on top… Who wouldn’t want that?

Busty asian Sara Malakul Lane seducing a girl in the shower…

The huge titted sexy young chick Sara Malakul Lane dropping her towel and trying to seduce another girl. Well, if I were her, I could never refuse big juicy tits like that. They are huge!

Cute and busty! That’s really sexy!

Even though this busty 36 year old exotic one goes topless and naked in quite a few of her movie and TV roles, but this lesbian shower scene from the movie Sun Choke is one of our personal favorites. I mean, girl on girl action is always pretty hot, right?

The seduction seems to be working… She’s falling for it. Well, how can you not fall for a buck naked beauty like this?
And there the lesbian action starts…

3D Asian boobs?

Our last hot sex scene starring asian celebs includes: Leni Lan in the movie; “3-D Sex and Zen – Extreme Ecstasy”, and it’s something alright! As this movie scene shows Leni Lan getting banged in all sorts of positions… in 3D!

Leni Lan is a Chinese actress, pop singer, and model. Born in Shanghai, she moved to Hong Kong at age 18. She starred in the Russian film Potseluy babochki (Butterfly Kiss) (2006) and the Hong Kong film 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (2011).

Leni in oral sex action…
Doggystyle banging in the bath tub.

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