Ana de Armas: The new naked Bond girl

The latest Bond Girl: Ana de Armas, likes to get nude on screen a lot. Let’s dive right into her naked past!

It’s one of those Hollywood traditions you simply can’t skip… Each new James Bond movie has to have a totally hot babe as the new “Bond Girl“. And with the latest James Bond film “Bond 25” on it’s way, they’ve finally released the name of the actress that’s going to be the new female lead in the movie; Ana De Armas.

And man, that’s such exciting news because the young and sexy Cuban beauty likes to get naked a lot… Really, in almost every movie or TV show Ana De Armas is in, she either flaunts her great sweet round boobies or she has hot steaming sex on-screen.

Bond 25 is going to be an amazing movie, I can feel it!

But until the movie gets released, let’s go back in time and highlight some of her faptastic nude scenes from her past. Ready? It’s going to get hot and wet in here, real quick!

Ana De Armas naked in bath

This 30 year old actress getting naughty in bath in this wet sex scene from the 2014 movie; Por un punado de besos.

And there we have our first nipple on camera. Well, sort of…

Ana de Armas wild sex in the bathroom

And we move on from making out in the bathtub to wild steaming sex in the bathroom with Ana de Armas. Nice to know that Ana de Armas looks both hot as a blonde, as well as a brunette. To be honest, I don’t even know what I prefer. Hard to pick, yo. Anyway, time to get down and dirty in the shower!

This sex scene is from the TV show Mentiras Y Gordas.

Nipple sucking fun in the showers!
He’s really thirsty… Milk that boobie!
Look at that fantastic pair of celebrititties!
Banged against the wall…

Anima (2009) & Hands of Stone

And we are going a little bit further back in time, for a even closer look of Ana de Armas her nude past. Her first movie role was in the movie Una rosa de Francia, and guess what? She shows off her great hooters right away. I guess she really loves flaunting her nude body parts. Three years later she went buck naked for another movie. And it’s quite a kinky one: Anima, from 2009.

50 shades much?

And from a bondage themed movie, we movie on to her naughty sex scenes from the movie Hands of Stone.

Back to blonde again…
Girls on top! What’s not to like?
Ride that cock, girl!

Knock Knock (2015)

Her latest and greatest nude scene is from the 2015 thriller film; Knock Knock! Knock Knock is a remake of the 1977 film Death Game. Ready for the plot? It’s getting kinky real quick. 🙂

Two sexy chicks, Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bel (Ana de Armas) knock on Evan’s door. He opens the door and they say that they are looking for the address of a party. The girls make themselves at home. The girls then disappear to the bathroom while Evan tries to convince them to leave, but as they start forcing themselves upon him… He gives in (I mean, can you blame the guy?) and has a freaking hot threesome with them. And that’s when the horror starts…

Oh boy, the seduction starts…
Look at those sweet wet titties of Miss Armas.
Threesome time! The actor Keanu Reeves is such a lucky dude!

Now you’ll understand why we are so happy with the announcement of Ana de Armas as the newest Bond Girl. Ana loves getting naked in front of the camera, and we love to watch that fantastic nude body. With Ana as the new Bond Girl, we are pretty much guaranteed we’re going to have a lot of nudity in the new James Bond flick. Great news, folks… Great news.

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