Cute smiling Shani Atias strips topless on Shameless

Shania Atias taking off her shirt on Shameless is pure eye candy!

The TV show Shameless is kinda known for showing a lot of hot nudity, but this scene starring the cute and petite Shani Atias flashing her boobs really caught our eye. The cute smile on Shani Atias her face, those big puppy eyes and her hot topless tits (that fit your hands perfectly) makes her really stand out from the rest. Yup, we’ve kinda fell in love with this brunette beauty.

That cute smile, those puppy eyes and those fantastic boobies… We’re in love with this chick!

Shani Atias is an actress and model. She made her TV debut in the Israeli hit show Galis, as the role of Natalie. After becoming a star in Israel, Shani moved to Los Angeles to find more Hollywood fame. Besides starring in Shameless, she can be seen in quite a few movies and TV shows, including: MacGyver and CSI Cyber.

Time to enjoy Shani Atias taking off her shirt and flaunting her sexy tits on Shameless.

Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!
Those tits will fit my hands perfectly 🙂
Cute and naughty, a sexy combination!
Wohoo, titties!

I told you she’s hot! Shani really brights up the room with her sexy appearance.

Can’t wait to find out what the TV show Shameless has in store for us for the next episodes…

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