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Who doesn’t remember “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham? Farrah Lynn Abraham (born in 1991) is a well known reality TV star. Her rise to fame? She received public attention after being cast in the popular reality TV series 16 and Pregnant in 2009, in which a camera crew followed the pregnancies and first months of being a teen mother. Later that year she was cast in the spin-off series Teen Mom, and appeared in each of its four seasons until the show finally got cancelled 2012.

After the show got cancelled, Farrah Abraham was looking for a way to keep the spotlight on herself… And in 2014, the Farrah Abraham sex tape was born!

Farrah Abraham’s sex video

The best way to keep herself in the spotlight was to make a sex tape… Atleast that’s what she thought. And well, maybe she was right because it did bring up a lot of attention. I mean, at that time, every celebrity was making a “celeb sex tape”… Kim Kardashian, MTV star Tila Tequila etc.

So why shouldn’t she make one? The best part about this is, that she really went all in for this sex tape. While most celebrity sex videos are showing celebs with their partners (lovers), Farrah hired the pornstar James Deen for her own movie. And James Deen likes to get rough sometimes! And man, Farrah Abrahams opens up every hole in her body in front of the camera.

This video really shows Farrah and her hunger for cock as she can be seen sucking Deen’s hard cock like a natural talent, as well as getting banged in her ass really deep (and hard). Yup, this chick is really talented in bed… That’s something I’ve learned from watching this tape. And man, watching this video is truely a (horny) joy. 😉

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The best part of her sex tape? It has a happy ending. I mean, what do you do after ass fucking a hot chick? You cum on her face, right? So yeah, Farrah even takes a facial after having anal sex on camera. Hot stuff! 🙂

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