Kate Mara and Ellen Page lesbian sex in “My days of mercy”

In case you haven’t watched the 2017 movie “My Days of Mercy”, you’ve been missing out on one hell of a sexy movie scene. You’ve been missing out on some fantastic girl on girl action, some ultra sexy boob on boob action between the two actresses Ellen Page & Kate Mara.

And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t enjoy watching two girls rubbing their boobs against each other?

Again, this horny lesbian scene is from the 2017 movie “My Days of Mercy”, not to be confused with another movie with the same title that just got released this year.

Steaming hot lesbian sex!

Time for some hot lesbian (sex) action

Before we’re going to show you some ultra hot movie stills starring these two topless Hollywood babes let’s find out what this flick is all about.

The plot:
Two sisters, Lucy and Martha, regularly protest capital punishment at state executions. Lucy (Ellen Page) meets Mercy (Kate Mara) attending that day’s execution in support of lethal injection. Despite their moral differences, they feel an obvious connection to one another.

That sounds like the perfect ingredients for a romantic drama, right? But this time it involves a romance between two hot girls instead of the usual boy/girl love story.

Show us your titties

Enough talk, it’s titty time! Just like any other romantic love story or drama, the movie has a wild sex scene in it. Time for some sexy screencaps starring the nude tits of Ellen Page and Kate Mara.

Stripping nude for some steaming hot sex…
Naked girls making out… What’s not to like about that?
Boob on boob action!
Two pairs of hooters…

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