Maggie Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Kempinski getting a facial (The Deuce)

Maggie Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Kempinski getting a facial. HBO goes hardcore with this horny TV show scene from The Deuce.

Two blondes on their knees ready to receive a load of cum on their faces and tits… Sounds like any porn movie script, right? Guess what? This is in fact from a scene from the HBO serie The Deuce. Sure, HBO loves nudity and sex scenes on their shows, just look at Game of Thrones, but they’ve never did something this graphic before… Facials! Or as we like to call them; the money shot!

HBO goes Hardcore!

HBO really trying to find the edge here of TV nudity, and they’ve crossed it, which we love by the way… The Deuce is really something special, alright.

I’m talking about the scene between Maggie Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Kempinski and two male co-stars jerking off and unleash their big amount of man juice on the boobs and face of these two (blonde) actresses. Now that’s what I call epic television!

Two girls and two guys… Almost facial time!
Open that mouth girl…
Girl number two receives a cum load…
Jizz faced…
Satisfied? She looks that way.

Now tell me watching these two naughty blondes getting a facial isn’t hot to watch!?

The Deuce features a cast that includes James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal. It tells the story of the Golden Age of Porn, the legalization and rise of the porn industry in New York City that began in the 1970s. With a porn themed TV show it isn’t that strange that it shows so many horny hardcore sex scenes. 🙂

Be sure to watch them all!

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